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Seated woman in garden, 1938 by Pablo Picasso (1881-1973, Spain) | Museum Quality Reproductions |

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Seated woman in garden

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Different details suggest different sources in the outside world, but pride of place is accorded to the spider's web. The figure of Dora Maar here looks like a real spider's web for anyone to miss the allusion, or the sinister warning of fatality it entailed. The women themselves - predators or prey, we cannot be sure - their chairs, the parasol and the foliage are constructed from hundreds of segments which look, variously, as if they have been knitted, woven, plaited, embroidered and stitched by the spider's human imitators. Seated Woman in a Garden was finished in a single day, Dec. 10, 1938. The painting fetched $49.5 million at November 10, 1999 Sotheby's, New York Auction, and is considered one of the most expensive painting is the world.
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Pablo Picasso

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