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Corporate Artwork

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Corporate Artwork

What is the first word you think when you walk into a doctor's, lawyer's or successful businessman’s office? What do you think when you walk into a bank? This would be success and elegance. In most cases these offices are decorated with elegant furniture, but that is not what stands out in these corporate offices what really makes the office look successful is the artwork on the walls. These look to be authentic and expensive, but in reality they are usually handmade replicas of famous artwork created by master artists from paste past centuries.

The Right Office Look!

Corporate artwork adds professionalism, elegance, and spells success to any visiting client or customer. When the right artwork is chosen specifically for the corporate offices, it can add warmth and ambiance to any workplace. We at offer thousands of different handmade oil painting reproductions of some of the most famous art masters in the world.

Tie it All Together
The right style and the right type of artwork, portrait work, landscape can make your entire office décor tie in together to create a whole and beautiful combination. Choose work made by realists, impressionists, expressionists or abstract artists.

The style you choose depends on the type of décor your office setting has. You can even coordinate your office furnishings to go with the colors in the paintings you choose.

Start Small

Your office artwork can start as a small collection, gradually increasing as your business grows. You can choose art reproductions that go with the purpose and style of your business or that make your business look more serious, traditional, and important. For instance, a travel agency may use paintings with tropical motifs, like those done by Monet or Degas.  A landscaping company may decide to go with floral paintings or landscapes reproductions by Richard Wilson, the father of English landscapes in the 19th century. As a design studio owner you may want to opt for famous abstracts by Pollock, Andy Warhol, or Mark Rothco. Whatever your famous painting choice is we at ArtsDotCom can help you find the perfect art reproduction.

Make an Outstanding Impression

As any type of business large or small you want to create the perfect impression on potential clients, and by lining your walls with great works of art (albeit imitations) that are hand painted you create the impression of success and experience. Beautifully decorated office spaces give the impression of pride in its work and in the employees that work there. Handmade oil paintings will impress clients, make them feel welcome and make them feel confident in putting their trust in you.

Locate the Right Painting

Look through our database and choose artworks from the categories you want to show off or choose works that emphasize the type of work you do. You can also simply choose works that go with the style of your office. Print out different sample art pieces you like and put these against your current furnishings to see how well the painting will show off your other décor.

Don’t Forget

Most business owners remember everything except for the décor on their walls, which is probably the most important aspect of the entire decorating process. Without the right artwork, the office décor will look lifeless, no matter how much you spend on it or try to spiff it up. Artwork will always dress up any office settings.  Come to (website) and find all types of authentically, hand painted reproductions for your office at very reasonable prices.

Commission Work

Although, you can successfully choose one of the many options from our database you can also choose to commission any specialized corporate artwork you need. These can be used as gifts for the boss, co worker, or special client as well. You don’t necessarily have to use a painting only in your office, but can also give this type of work to that special work associate.

Think of a portrait or special commissioned work as the perfect corporate gift. This is the one gift that will last for generations. A portrait of the corporate owner, special employee, or award winner is a perfect way of showing your appreciation. The idea memorializing someone in a beautiful hand-painted image is not a new one, but one that has lasted for centuries.  This is because the work is so much more beautiful than that you can get with even the best photograph. 

Portrait painting is unique and the brush strokes of the oil painting bring vibrancy to any image, which no other medium can do.  A painted portrait is a way of capturing memories and of  offering social status to an important corporate member. Thankfully, with newer technology, it is no longer necessary to sit for a portrait painting. The professional artists at can work well with any digital photographs of the corporate employee. They can create a long lasting impression of his image by hand painting a special portrait painting.

You can even decide to get a group portrait of important corporate members to hang at the entrance, a boardroom or in a gallery of portraits. Whichever portrait you decide to commission, you must think on whether you want a simple head or head and shoulders portrait painted.  The head and shoulders portrait painting includes arms and hands.  There is also the full-length portrait placed in a special setting or behind a special piece of furniture.  The type you choose really depends on the mood you want to relate to the viewers.

Traditional Vs. Non Traditional

We at ArtsDotCom can supply you with any type of commissioned artwork whether it is traditional or nontraditional. We can customize art reproductions, adding high technology equipment to an otherwise very traditional painting. However, we can also paint whatever idea or image you want, so for instance, if you want a painting of your corporate offices, any of our in-house painters can accommodate this need for you.  Simply, send in an image of what you want painted and specify the style or painter you want to help you with the project and receive your painting within 8 to 12 weeks.

Choose Carefully

Above all you need to remember that purchasing corporate artwork is done infrequently, so you should make your choice wisely.  There are thousands of painting choices available and all of our artists offer serious, professional hand-painted oil portraits performed with their creative style.  Look through our database of different artwork to choose the one that best suits your needs.

 In the end, your initial work, preparation and thought, you put into looking for the right artistic style will be worth it.  If you choose your corporate reproduction painting or commissioned artwork carefully, you will have years of pleasure from it.  Remember this is an item to be treasured by the Company or business owner.  It is a priceless gift for those of all ages.

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